The International – NEW YORK

The International: Aviana Angelique reporting from international world events e.g. in New York City more..


2013-2015: Aviana Angélique Adell als Dancing Domino. „Brushwood“ ist ein musikalisches Märchen mit Fantasyelementen, Tanzeinlagen, Zeichentrickanimationen und Gesang. Eine Businessfrau leidet an Workaholismus. Eine Verkäuferin sprüht vor Lebensfreude. Ein märchenhaft schönes Fabelwesen wird durch den Wald gejagt… Drei Seiten ein und derselben Frau im Widerstreit. Diese Parabel unserer Zeit ist auf der Suche nach dem Weg, der das Leben lebenswert macht.

Neue TV-Serie – MIA MADLN

2015: Aviana Angélique Adell als Moni, das Bayerische Madl immer im Dirndl. „MIA MADLN“ ist eine Mischung aus Comedy und eine Einfuehrung in den Bayerischen Life Style. Die Serie startet 2015.

New TV-Series – JP Medical

2013: Aviana Angélique Adell als Dr. Elsa Lind, die Aerztin, die mit Antibiotika jongliert. „JP MEDICAL“ ist eine Mischung aus TV-Serie und medizinischer Dokumentation. Die Serie startet 2013.


Seit 2013: Aviana Angélique Adell als Backstage Reporter bei der  Kick-Off Opening Veranstaltung von Dancing Stars im Parkhotel Schoenbrunn in Wien. Angelique im Interview mit Mirjam Weichselbraun und den Dancing Stars.


Aviana Angélique Adelll als Elisabeth de Valois, Queen von Frankreich (Hauptrolle) in Shakespeare’s Don Carlos. The movie of this classic Shakespeare drama premieres in April 2012 in Munich. Schiller called his Don Carlos, „A family portrait in a princely house“. It took him four years to write it and he kept revising for eighteen years. In the end, he was unable to separate the domestic and political lives of the characters. As he wrote: „It was my intention to expose the shameful horrors of the Inquisition, and to revenge prostituted humanity….I wished to seize the poignard with which tragedy had hitherto only superficially touched men and thrust it home“. Don Carlos is twice the length of an ordinary play and on a much grander scale than Schiller’s earlier works. The Version of the German movie-drama of 2012 was cut to fit in a 90 minute movie session. Don Carlos was written in blank verse in imitation of Shakespeare. Schiller’s sources included Don Carlos, Nouvelle historique by Cesar Vischard Saint-Real (1672) in which both Carlos and Don Juan develop a passion for Elizabeth.In the very complex plot, there is a plethora of letters, secret messages, keys and misunderstandings. When Carlos’s letters to Elisabeth are found, Philip accuses her of harlotry, and she threatens to flee to France with their daughter. more…


Nussknacker Ballet: Aviana Angélique Adell spielt auf der grossen Horngacher Konzert Harfe im National Theater in Prag. Als Taenzerin hatte sie bereits in diversen europaeischen Inszenierungen dieses Werkes getanzt.

LA – VEGAS – Collaboration
with Emmy Winner John Hill

Collaboration with Emmy winner John Hill. June 2011 Aviana Angélique Adell joins the LA- Vegas Writers Group. In connection with this action stands her intense friendship with Hollywood blockbuster movie screenwriter and Emmy winner John Hill.

John Hill is an award-winning American screenwriter and television producer. He got his start in Hollywood when he penned the 1976 TV movie Griffin and Phoenix, starring Peter Falk and Jill Clayburgh. In 1980 his film Heartbeeps was released, starring Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters. In 1988, he co-wrote LITTLE NIKITA, starring Sidney Poitier and River Phoenix. He wrote the movie Quigley Down Under in 1975. It was slated to be filmed in 1980, but when star Steve McQueen became too ill with cancer, it was canceled. Clint Eastwood was approached next, but he turned it down. It was released finally in 1990, starring Tom Selleck (who had wanted to make the film for several years), Laura San Giacomo and Alan Rickman. He attained success as a writer for TV’s Quantum Leap, and writer/producer of L.A. Law, for which he won an Emmy.

Currently, Hill teaches in the Educational Outreach division of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in Las Vegas, Nevada

Writers of the Writers group in Las Vegas  get together every month (the third Thursday) more…