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2013-2016: Aviana Angélique Adell as Dancing Domino. “Brushwood”..is a musical fairy tale with fantasy elements, dancing, cartoon animation and songs. A business woman suffering from workaholism. A saleswoman bursting with vitality. A fabulously beautiful mythical creature being chased through the woods … Three sides of the same woman in conflict. This parable of our time […]

New TV-Series – MIA MADLN

2015: Aviana Angélique Adell as Moni, the Bavarian Dirndl Girl. “MIA MADLN” is a mixture of Comedy and an introduction to the Bavarian way of life. The series will start in 2015. more…


Angélique Aviana Adell plays Jacqueline, the seductrice who plays with allurement. The wonderful Cast includes Katrin Filzen as counterpart to Alaïs Angélique Aviana.

TV Series – Eva ganz mein Fall

At the latest with her part of a young secretary in a lawyers office (in the German adaptation of Ally McBeal) Angélique Aviana Adell was known by a huge public. In this TV-Serie EVA, GANZ MEIN FALL she played Audette Mende, who works in the turbulent lawyers milieu. This TV-Series includes a great Cast such […]

New TV-Series – JP Medical

2013: Aviana Angélique Adell as Dr. Elsa Lind, the medical doctor. “JP MEDICAL” is a mixture of TV-Series and Documentary. The series starts in 2013.


Since 2013: Aviana Angélique Adell as backstage reporter at the Kick-Off Opening of Dancing Stars at the Parkhotel Schoenbrunn in Vienna. Angelique at the Interview with Mirjam Weichselbraun and the Dancing Stars. more…